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TBOS-OCT Entry by Teal-and-Coral TBOS-OCT Entry by Teal-and-Coral
~My characters have finally decided to join the party! Boys, always so forgetful and late.
These will be my competing characters for The Book of Stories Original Character Tournament.
~ Now I get to finish the audition story :D

~I feel, to understand their predicament and actions in the book, that I must write at least a little of where they come from. This is the back story behind not only their “world,” but it will also lead into their own individual history; Axis and Ave both come from a place that is similar to Earth with the exception that all of the inhabitants are shape shifters. These people shape shift into the animals we know today. Most of the people also marry within their own animal group. Ever breed a goose and a fox together? It's not a pretty sight so most citizens know their limits. No matter what animal group you may be apart of, all of the people in this world follow the, “pack mentality.” Groups will form for protection and hunting advantage. There is no stable form of government even though powerful groups have been known to come along and take advantage of those with less power. One of these same groups happen to be in power during the time in which our protagonists live. Onto more specific information; Axis and Ave grew up in a particularly special group. This group is known to have telepathic powers between it's members. No matter the distance, they can always talk with one another and see what another group member can. This has caused their group to be extremely close knit and strong as they can work as an efficient team against others. Ave's father works as their leader while Axis' father follows as the second in command. The age gap between Axis and Ave has strained any attempts at them being close friends. Axis follows with the pack children his age, and Ave does the same. They have grown up living quite a decent life.
~ Also, all the people in this world have a certain set of face tattoos to identify them with a group. These tattoos appear and disappear without warning, with no pain. They will change if you separate or join into another group. Each person is born with their own tattoo and the tattoo of their pack.

Character Name: Axis Fēng

Age: 16

Physical Description: He has long, wild black hair with deep red eyes. Axis is a short boy with a slender build. Being only 5'4” he has adapted his fighting style based on speed rather than strength. He wears a thin silk purple coat with maroon bandages underneath. Bandages of the same color can also be seen around his legs and feet under mid-length black pants. Though his outfit may seem particularly simple, one piece stands out; a bright orange scarf with red, demonic hands attached. In one perspective these hands could be seen as having a mind of their own as they move without any special command but Axis prefers to think of it as his subconscious controlling them.-They say that on his 4th birthday his father gave him the scarf as a present. And that when he put the scarf on, red hands started to grow out of the ends... They also say his hair started to turn rainbow but the truth in that is slim. No one knows how Axis obtained the scarf and no one will ask.-

Personality: In the perspective of others, Axis has the ideal personality of a warrior. He seems cold, and cunning to the extent that his entire being seems a mystery at times. Throughout his life he was trained to be the best of the best. Very few have ever boasted to have strength compared to him. Unlike most other warriors, Axis does not posses a strategic thinking persona. Even though he doesn't have much to say usually, this does not automatically imply that he is thinking of a strategy on par with Sun Tzu. By chance he decides in a battle to think of a strategy, chances are it is; terrible, cannot be implemented anymore, or he just plainly forgot what it was in the first place. Under the circumstance that Axis was apart of a powerful group he's never had to face a true test of his inner strength. Because of this lack of a challenge, Axis has become relatively weak in how to deal with emotion-based problems. Most perceive him to be silent and cold when really, he just can't think of anything to say. Instead of a lack of feelings, Axis is instead tormented by many feelings that he can't seem to sort out because he's always somewhere else fighting a new physical battle instead of facing an emotional one.

Abilities: Axis only relies on his skills in hand to hand combat for self defense. While in most cases the demonic hands will help him fight enemies, they are not 100 percent reliable. Under extreme circumstances Axis can shift shape into the form of a black panther. Axis comes from a family of purebred panthers, making his animal form no different than an average black panther.

Chosen By: Lady Ink

Gift: None


Character Name: Alexavier “Ave” Ramirez

Age: 10

Physical Description: Ave has quite wild hair in which the roots are black yet grow out into white. Ave is 5 foot even and compared to most other inhabitants of his world, he is seemingly normal. The only aspect of his physical appearance that seems unusual are his teal eyes. Most believe his eyes can compare to watching the waves on a beach roll slowly back and forth. Clothing wise Ave is always seen wearing a bright pink kimono-like clothing with highlights of orange. Under his kimono and around his feet are even brighter bandages that are a mix of pink and yellow.

Personality: His choice of clothing color is in direct correlation to his personality. Ave is always cheerful and optimistic. While his positive outlook on life makes others perceive him as immature and dense, Ave is quite the opposite. Despite his looks, Ave has an enormous sense of understanding about the world and problems around him. He just continues to find happiness in any situation which can be confusing to others. In that sense, Ave is much more in touch with his inner strengths. Since fighting is not his priority, he can find himself swimming in his own imagination and sorting out feelings and approaches to subjects that others would find taboo. While Ave has a deep view of philosophy and the world, he keeps those thoughts to himself and focuses on enjoying life to it's extent.

Abilities: Ave has practically zero ability when it comes to about anything. While he knows basic hand to hand combat, unless he fighting an amateur, it will be of no use to him. When it comes to strategy, his ideas may be better than Axis' but not by much. Ave usually sports the, “so crazy it just might work ideas.” Since Axis can't come up with anything better, the duo mostly follows Ave's ideas despite his age. The only other advantage Ave may possibly have is the ability to transform into his respective animal. Though this only gives him enough speed to run away. Ave comes from a mix of a white lion (father), and a Fennec fox (mother). His animal form tends to look like a large white Fennec fox with more hair.

Chosen By: Mudd

Gift: The bandages around his feet and shoulders were given the function of, “healing.”
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